P. E. Bollaert

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Objectives: To compare the effects of norepinephrine and dobutamine to epinephrine on hemodynamics, lactate metabolism, and gastric tonometric variables in hyperdynamic dopamine-resistant septic shock. Design: A prospective, intervention, randomized clinical trial. Setting: Adult medical/surgical intensive care unit in a university hospital. Patients: 30(More)
Objectives: To compare the effects of dobutamine and dopexamine on systemic hemodynamics, lactate metabolism, renal function and the intramucosal-arterial PCO2 gap in norepinephrine-treated septic shock. Design: A prospective, interventional, randomized clinical trial. Setting: Adult medical/surgical intensive care unit in a university hospital. Patients:(More)
A case of acute poisoning with ethylene glycol butyl ether (EGBE) is reported in a chronic alcohol abuser. On admission the 53-year-old patient was comatose with metabolic acidosis, shock, and noncardiogenic pulmonary edema confirmed by haemodynamic study. Following supportive treatment and haemodialysis the outcome was favorable. The relationship between(More)
To determine the outcome of stroke patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. Retrospective chart review and follow-up telephone interview. Medical ICU in a multidisciplinary university hospital. 199 stroke patients from 1984–1989 where the final diagnosis was stroke. All patients were admitted for the need of mechanical ventilation. Demographic(More)
We report the case of a 33-year-old man who presented with headaches and vomiting. Soon after admission he became drowsy and agitated, developed ventricular tachycardia and his neurological state worsened (Glasgow coma score 6). Blood analysis showed respiratory alkalosis, hyperlactacidemia (8 mmol/l), hyperammonemia (390 µmol/l) and hypoglycaemia (2.4(More)
Dysfunction of the upper airways has only recently been recognized in patients with Parkinson's disease [2]. In most cases, this leads to impairment of static and dynamic pulmonary function. In some patients, laryngeal involvement was the main reason for airway obstruction [2]. In our patient, the most likely diagnosis is primary laryngospasm associated(More)
Sir: Intrapulmonary arterio-venous ®stula is a rare malformation [1]. Symptomatology is usually related to chronic hypoxaemia and polycythaemia. Acute symptoms are unusual. We report the case of a 26-month-old boy who presented with nephrotic syndrome associated with hypoxaemia (SaO2 85%). Treatment of the nephrotic syndrome resulted in a weight loss of 2(More)
The multiple inert gas elimination technique was applied to bloodfree perfused isolated rabbit lungs. Commonly accepted criteria for reliability of the method were found to be fulfilled in this model. Ventilation-perfusion (VA/Q) distributions in isolated control lungs corresponded to those repeatedly detected under physiological conditions. In particular,(More)
Kidney is one of the major target organ for angiotensin II (AT-II). The presence of three types of AT-II receptors, AT-II type 1, type 2, type 4 receptor (AT1, AT2, and AT4 receptor, respectively) were reported in kidney. AT1 receptor is the main type of receptor in kidney and mediates most of physiological effects of AT-II in kidney. The population of AT2(More)