P. Dowben

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The fundamental properties and ultimate performance limits of organolead trihalide MAPbX3 (MA = CH3NH3(+); X = Br(-) or I(-)) perovskites remain obscured by extensive disorder in polycrystalline MAPbX3 films. We report an antisolvent vapor-assisted crystallization approach that enables us to create sizable crack-free MAPbX3 single crystals with volumes(More)
According to theoretical studies, narrow graphene nanoribbons with atomically precise armchair edges and widths of <2 nm have a bandgap comparable to that in silicon (1.1 eV), which makes them potentially promising for logic applications. Different top-down fabrication approaches typically yield ribbons with width >10 nm and have limited control over their(More)
We report the direct observation of surface magnetization domains of the magnetoelectric Cr(2)O(3) using photoemission electron microscopy with magnetic circular dichroism contrast and magnetic force microscopy. The domain pattern is strongly affected by the applied electric field conditions. Zero-field cooling results in an equal representation of the two(More)
Retinal normally binds opsin forming the chromophore of the visual pigment, rhodopsin. In this investigation synthetic analogs were bound by the opsin of living cells of the alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii; the effect was assayed by phototaxis to give an activation spectrum for each rhodopsin analog. The results show the influence of different chromophores(More)
Surface state engineering of molecule–molecule interactions" (2012). Axel Enders Publications. Paper 31. The electronic properties of organics in contact with metal substrates depend on the alignment of the electronic levels and bands at the metal–organic interface and the resulting hybridization of states, as well as charge transfer to or from the(More)
  • A Yu Ignatov, Ya B Losovyj, L Carlson, D Lagraffe, J I Brand, L Carlson +3 others
  • 2013
Pairwise cobalt doping of boron carbides with cobaltocene" (2007). We have performed Co K-edge x-ray absorption fine structure and x-ray absorption near edge structure measurements of Co-doped plasma enhanced chemical vapor phase deposition ͑PECVD͒ grown " C 2 B 10 H x " semiconducting boron carbides, using cobaltocene. Cobalt does not dope PECVD grown(More)
Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) explores the fundamental properties of matter and their origins resulting from the interactions of a large number of atoms and electrons. The intricate nature of these interactions results in properties and associated phenomena that often hint at a rich vein of underlying physics. Although the perspective is changing(More)
  • Volodymyr T Adamiv, Yaroslav V Burak, David J Wooten, John Mcclory, James Petrosky, Ihor Ketsman +6 others
  • 2010
We review the pyroelectric properties and electronic structure of Li 2 B 4 O 7 (110) and Li 2 B 4 O 7 (100) surfaces. There is evidence for a pyroelectric current along the [110] direction of stoichiometric Li 2 B 4 O 7 so that the pyroelectric coefficient is nonzero but roughly 10 3 smaller than along the [001] direction of spontaneous polarization. Abrupt(More)