P. Doty

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Cd 1‑x Zn x Te (CZT) crystals are the leading semiconductors for radiation detection, but their application is limited by the high cost of detector-grade materials. High crystal costs primarily result from property nonuniformity that causes low manufacturing yield. Although tremendous efforts have been made in the past to reduce Te inclusions/precipitates(More)
We report the DNA sequence of a cDNA clone complementary to the 5' end of the chick pro alpha 2(I) mRNA. The sequence enables us to deduce the amino acid sequence of this region, which has been refractory to conventional protein sequencing techniques. Its importance lies in the role of the prepropeptide in secretion, triple helix formation of the mature(More)
The in vitro transcription of chicken reticulocyte chromatin with E. coli RNA polymerase has been studied in several different ways. The amount of globin RNA sequences has been measured by hybridizing the transcript with globin cDNA; we show that under the proper conditions mercurated transcript RNA can be separated from endogenous RNA on sulfhydryl(More)
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