P. Diaz

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A honeybee hive serves as an information centre in which communication among bees allows the colony to exploit the most profitable resources in a continuously changing environment. The best-studied communication behaviour in this context is the waggle dance performed by returning foragers, which encodes information about the distance and direction to the(More)
Data quality is a difficult notion to define precisely, and different communities have different views and understandings of the subject. This causes confusion, a lack of harmonization of data across communities and omission of vital quality information. For some existing data infrastructures, data quality standards cannot address the problem adequately and(More)
The importance of cassava as the fourth largest source of calories in the world requires that contributions of biotechnology to improving this crop, advances and current challenges, be periodically reviewed. Plant biotechnology offers a wide range of opportunities that can help cassava become a better crop for a constantly changing world. We therefore(More)
Users are playing an increasingly relevant role in geospatial data production. The traditional procedure for creating cartography, mainly by experts in official mapping agencies, has evolved into a more par-ticipative process for generating data: neogeography. Technology and the Internet are now user-friendly for a wide range of people who have become(More)
The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Clearinghouse is part of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) that supports the discovery of the data made available by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) members and participant organizations in GEOSS. It also acts as a unified metadata catalogue that stores complete metadata records, not only for(More)
6 In this paper we present a new web mashup system for helping people and 7 professionals to retrieve information about emergencies and disasters. Today, 8 the use of the web during emergencies, is confirmed by the employment of 11 shootings at Virginia Polytechnic University. Many pieces of information are 12 currently available on the web that can be(More)
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