P Di Sebastiano

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BACKGROUND Nerve growth factor (NGF), a target derived factor for survival and maintenance of peripheral and central neurones, has been implicated in several chronic inflammatory processes. AIMS To analyse the concomitant presence of NGF and its high affinity receptor TrkA in patients undergoing surgery for Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis(More)
BACKGROUND Changes in substance P content and a relationship between the degree of perineural inflammation and pain has been demonstrated in chronic pancreatitis. Whether a relationship exists between neural alteration and pancreatic inflammation (neurogenic inflammation) is not known. AIMS In the present study we evaluated gene expression of(More)
Growth-associated protein-43, an established marker of neuronal plasticity during development and in injury, was used to characterize innervation in the normal human pancreas and changes in chronic alcohol-induced pancreatitis by using light microscopic immunocytochemistry and computer-assisted image analysis. Immunostaining for the pan-neuronal marker(More)
BACKGROUND 15-25% of appendices removed from patients with suspected appendicitis appear normal on histological examination. The cause of pain in such patients is unknown. Since the content of neuropeptides seems to be altered in chronic inflammation, we investigated possible changes in peptidergic innervation for substance P (SP), vasoactive intestinal(More)
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