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Single-spin asymmetries for semi-inclusive electroproduction of charged pions in deep-inelastic scattering of positrons are measured for the first time with transverse target polarization. The asymmetry depends on the azimuthal angles of both the pion (phi) and the target spin axis (phi(S)) about the virtual-photon direction and relative to the lepton(More)
The measurement of primary π ± , K ± , p and p production at mid-rapidity (|y| < 0.5) in proton–proton collisions at √ s = 7 TeV performed with a large ion collider experiment at the large hadron collider (LHC) is reported. Particle identification is performed using the specific ioni-sation energy-loss and time-of-flight information, the ring-imaging(More)
Evidence is presented using data taken with the H1 detector at HERA for a class of deep inelastic electron{proton scattering (DIS) events (5 < Q 2 < 120 GeV 2) at low Bjorken-x (10 ?4 < x < 10 ?2) which have almost no hadronic energy ow in a large interval of pseudo-rapidity around the proton remnant direction and which cannot be attributed to our present(More)
We present a study of J== meson production in collisions of 26:7 GeV electrons with 820 GeV protons, performed with the H1-detector at the HERA collider at DESY. The J== mesons are detected via their leptonic decays both to electrons and muons. Requiring exactly two particles in the detector, a cross section of (ep ! J==X) = (8:8 2:0 2:2) nb is determined(More)
A search in the H1 experiment at HERA for scalar and vector leptoquarks, leptogluons and squarks coupling to rst generation fermions is presented in a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 425 nb ?1. For masses ranging up to 275 GeV, no signiicant evidence for the direct production of such particles is found in various possible decay(More)
A search for direct production of new leptons in the mass range from 10 GeV up to 225 GeV is presented by the H1 experiment at HERA. The data were obtained during 1993 and correspond to an integrated luminosity of 528 nb ?1. The search includes heavy lepton decays to nal states e () and e () W, e () Z with the subsequent decay of the W and Z bosons into(More)
A measurement is presented, using data taken with the H1 detector at HERA, of the contribution of diiractive interactions to deep{inelastic electron{proton (ep) scattering in the kinematic range 8:5 < Q 2 < 50 GeV 2 , 2:410 ?4 < Bjorken{x < 0:0133, and 3:7 10 ?4 < x IP < 0:043. The diiractive contribution to the proton structure function F 2 (x; Q 2) is(More)
Transverse momentum spectra of charged particles produced in deep inelastic scattering are measured as a function of the kinematic variables x and Q 2 using the H1 detector at the ep collider HERA. The data are compared to diierent parton emission models, either with or without ordering of the emissions in transverse momentum. The data provide evidence for(More)
Global properties of the hadronic nal state in deep inelastic scattering events at HERA are investigated. The data are corrected for detector eeects and are compared directly with QCD phenomenology. Energy ows in both the laboratory frame and the hadronic centre of mass system and energy-energy correlations in the laboratory frame are presented. Comparing(More)