P. Dhanasekaran

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Nanotechnology increases the strengths of many materials and devices, as well as enhances efficiencies of monitoring devices, remediation of environmental pollution, and renewable energy production. While these are considered to be the positive effect of nanotechnology, there are certain negative impacts of nanotechnology on environment in many ways, such(More)
The human apolipoprotein (apo) E4 isoform, which differs from wild-type apoE3 by the single amino acid substitution C112R, is associated with elevated risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases, but the molecular basis for this variation between isoforms is not understood. Human apoE is a two-domain protein comprising an N-terminal helix bundle and a(More)
Problems with qualitative, quantitative and uncertain information can be modelled better using trapezoidal intutionistic fuzzy numbers (TrIFNs) than fuzzy numbers. Due to the partial ordering of TrIFNs, many ranking methods are available in the literature for comparing fuzzy and intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (Li in Comput Math Appl 60:1557–1570, 2010; Li and(More)
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