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– The GUINEVERE project is part of the EUROTRANS Integrated Project of the 6 th EURATOM Framework Programme. It is mainly devoted to ADS on-line reactivity monitoring validation, sub-criticality determination and operational procedures (loading, start-up, shutdown , …) as a follow-up of the MUSE experiments. The project consists in coupling a fast lead(More)
The GUINEVERE (Generation of Uninterrupted Intense NEutron pulses at the lead VEnus REactor) project was launched in 2006 within the framework of FP6 EUROTRANS in order to validate on-line reactivity monitoring and subcriticality level determination in Accelerator Driven Systems. Therefore the VENUS reactor at SCK·CEN in Mol (Belgium) was modified(More)
In the framework of nuclear waste management, minor actinides could be incinerated in subcritical reactors driven by an accelerator coupled to a spallation target. For safety reason, this so-called Accelerator-Driven System (ADS) requires on-line and robust core reactivity monitoring. In such a system, a simple proportional relationship exists between the(More)
Most of nuclear reactor developments are using evaluated data base for numerical simulations. However, the considered databases present still large uncertainties and disagreements. To improve their level of precision, new measurements are needed, in particular for (n, xnγ) reactions, which are of great importance as they modify the neutron spectrum,(More)
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