P. Deepa

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Accumulating evidence supports neuroprotective role of trophic factors in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Previous studies from our laboratory report that the CSF of patients with sporadic ALS (ALS-CSF) induces degenerative changes in the rat spinal motor neurons and reactive astrogliosis in the surrounding gray matter. The present study was aimed to(More)
Autotuning using relay feedback is widely used to identify low order integrating plus dead time (IPDT) systems as the method is simple and is operated in closed-loop without interrupting the production process. Oscillatory responses from the process due to ideal relay input are collected to calculate ultimate properties of the system that in turn are used(More)
The present study was aimed at understanding the role of different hosts in ammonium transporter1;2 expressions and glutamine synthetase(GS) activity and their effects on the growth parameters in the sandal. Sandal plant associated with leguminous host expressed better growth parameters. GS activity of leguminous hosts alone and in host associated sandals(More)
The edge detection is one of the key techniques in most image processing applications. The canny edge detection is proven to be able to significantly outperform existing edge detection techniques due to its superior performance. Unfortunately, the implementation of the systems in real-time is computationally complex, high hardware cost with increased(More)
Implementation of Canny edge detection algorithm significantly outperforms the existing edge detection techniques in many computer vision algorithms. However, Canny edge detection algorithm is complex, time-consuming process with high hardware cost. To overcome these issues, a novel Canny edge detection algorithm is proposed in block level to detect edges(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the clinical profile and outcome in children with diphtheritic polyneuropathy (DP). METHODOLOGY 13 children with polyneuropathy were included in this study. Their demographic profile, age, sex and immunization status were recorded. Detailed clinical and neurological examination was done. Investigations like CSF analysis, NCV studies,(More)
Scaling of device technology, the leakage power has become the main part of power consumption, which seriously reduces the energy recovery efficiency of adiabatic logic.CMOS devices are shrinking to nanometer regime, increasing the consequences in short channel effects and variations in the process parameters which lead to cause the reliability of the circu(More)
The rapid development of transistor technology has resulted in higher performance and integration density. Simu ltaneously, the continuous increasing power has become the primary barrier against further develop ment of VLSI (Very large scale integration) circu it design. Over the past decade, research work concerning energy efficiency of computing systems(More)