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Autotuning using relay feedback is widely used to identify low order integrating plus dead time (IPDT) systems as the method is simple and is operated in closed-loop without interrupting the production process. Oscillatory responses from the process due to ideal relay input are collected to calculate ultimate properties of the system that in turn are used(More)
The edge detection is one of the key techniques in most image processing applications. The canny edge detection is proven to be able to significantly outperform existing edge detection techniques due to its superior performance. Unfortunately, the implementation of the systems in real-time is computationally complex, high hardware cost with increased(More)
A novel coding technique is proposed to protect the SRAM based configuration memories against multiple bit upsets (MBU) with minimum redundant bits. The proposed coding technique is based on soft error tolerant Encoder and Decoder. The coding architecture exploits Modified Decimal Matrix Codes (MDMC) to locate and correct soft error present in the memories.(More)
The problem of high quality training samples and high-dimensional data is encountered in high-resolution image change detection. To address these problems, a novel automatic change detection algorithm in bitemporal multispectral images of the same scene using multiindex information is presented. The conspicuous advantages of the proposed algorithm are: (i)(More)
Spherical tanks are often used in process industries as storage or surge tank where control of level is essential. The liquid level in the spherical tank is modeled using first principle technique. A sliding mode controller (SMC) is designed initially to get the information of the stable closed loop process. Fuzzy-based SMC controller is developed by(More)
Implementation of Canny edge detection algorithm significantly outperforms the existing edge detection techniques in many computer vision algorithms. However, Canny edge detection algorithm is complex, time-consuming process with high hardware cost. To overcome these issues, a novel Canny edge detection algorithm is proposed in block level to detect edges(More)
The wireless sensor network utilizes image compression algorithms like JPEG, JPEG2000, and SPIHT for image transmission with high coding efficiency. During compression, discrete cosine transform (DCT)–based JPEG has blocking artifacts at low bit-rates. But this effect is reduced by discrete wavelet transform (DWT)–based JPEG2000 and SPIHT algorithm but it(More)
Interest point detection plays a significant role in computer vision applications. The most commonly used interest point detector algorithm is scale invariant feature transform (SIFT). The use of Gaussian filter in the SIFT algorithm fails to match interest points on the edge and it also causes blur annoyance in the rescaling process. To overcome this(More)