P. David Fisher

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A Modified CORDIC Algorithm (MCA) has been developed for the evaluation of elementary arithmetic functions. MCA incorporates increased parallelism over the original CORDIC algorithm, thus, resulting in an enhanced speed of computation. This has been accomplished by decoupling the CORDIC interation equations and transforming the sequential nature of these(More)
Since 1983, the 422-bed Victoria General Hospital (VGH) and Siemens Electric Limited have been piloting the implementation of digital medical imaging, including digital acquisition of diagnostic images, in British Columbia. Although full PACS is not yet in place at VGH, experience to date has been used to project annual cost figures (including capital(More)
Radiologists detect small diagnostic signals in radiographic film images by altering the distance between the eye and the image, effectively zooming in on a particular detail. Details thus enlarged are more perceptible to the viewer. Considering that conventional film images are nearly life-size, the potential for increasing the detection of small signals(More)
Chest radiography provides one of the great challenges to digital diagnostic imaging because of (1) the relatively large size of the chest field, (2) the contrast range required to resolve subtle pathological changes in soft tissue density, and (3) the high degree of spatial resolution required to discriminate pathological detail. The field size problem was(More)
A project that investigates current options for managing feral pigs in Australia and assesses the need for the development of more effective and humane techniques and strategies. Stage 1 Report. Audit of current tools, techniques and practices for managing feral pigs both in Australia and overseas. A project that investigates current options for managing(More)