P. Dasgupta

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The global behavior of interactions between genes can be investigated by forming the network of functionally-related genes using the annotations based on the Gene Ontology. We define two genes to be connected when the pair of genes is involved in the same biological process. There has been other work on the analysis of different kinds of cellular and(More)
The use of robots in orthopaedic surgery is an emerging field that is gaining momentum. It has the potential for significant improvements in surgical planning, accuracy of component implantation and patient safety. Advocates of robot-assisted systems describe better patient outcomes through improved pre-operative planning and enhanced execution of surgery.(More)
Imagine a world where any part of a person's body— from specific cells to entire organs—can be regenerated from skin cells alone. In this world, a patient's skin cells could be made into any cell type of interest in order to study diseases specific to that cell type. This way, the root causes of such diseases could be better studied in laboratories and(More)
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