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Current control of an inverter/induction motor system is considered for the special situation of a position control system where speed is low. The authors concentrate on switching-line type controllers, including the hysteresis controller, since they are simple to implement. Investigations are made of the effects of clocking the controller, injecting zero(More)
A general representation of current controllers using complex number representation is given by means of a consistent block diagram representation of the controller/motor system. The complex number approach allows a consistent representation of control schemes, as is shown by a survey of common current control techniques. It allows insight into the(More)
A 30 kW induction motor drive system based on the field oriented control principle is described. The results of experiments comparing two different flux tracking algorithms are presented. In particular, a hybrid flux tracking/rotor resistance identification method is described which is applicable in situations where a fast rotor resistance identification is(More)
It is demonstrated that an instantaneous quantity related to average reactive power can be defined for machines with three-phase sinusoidally distributed windings. Expressions for the flow of this quantity into the stator of an induction machine are obtained and interpreted in terms of the behavior of flux distributions within the machine. The results are(More)
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