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When the rII genes are first introduced into cells which had been previously infected by T4 phage deleted for these genes, the kinetics of synthesis of rIIA and rIIB RNA are rapid and identical. We show that this rapid synthesis depends on a functional motA gene for rIIB, but not for rIIA, RNA synthesis. By primer-extension mapping of T4 messenger RNA, we(More)
We have determined the DNA sequence of the rIIA gene and have discovered a small open reading frame, rIIA.1, between genes 60 and rIIA. The predicted molecular weights of these proteins are 82,840 for rIIA and 8,124 for rIIA.1. The rIIA protein has a repeated motif which suggests that the gene has evolved by duplication. It also has a motif which suggests(More)
Concentrated lysates of Escherichia coli that had been infected with bacteriophage T4 in the presence of chloramphenicol show the same restriction of transcription in vitro as is found in vivo. Restricted lysates can be complemented with lysates from infected cells to induce production of delayed early RNA. Complementation takes place between the RNA(More)
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