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The investigation was undertaken to compare the blood supply and venous drainage of the brain of the baboon P. ursinus, the vervet monkey C. pygerithrus, and the bushbaby G. senegalensis with that of man, because these animals are extensively used as research models. The blood supply of the three primates was found to be similar in each case. Like man they(More)
African Journal of Psychiatry • January 2012 3 Forensic Psychiatry has a history that dates back almost two thousand years, and has evolved into a recognised discipline with a robust background of scientific enquiry, mostly because mental health care has always had an important interface with the law.1 Nevertheless, even in the developed world there are(More)
To overcome the problems of restricted visibility and surgical mobility, as well as those posed by anatomical features oif the canine subfrontal sinus region and associated dura mater, aggravated by hazards of infection from potentially infected frontal sinuses, of uncontrollable haemorrhage and post-operative brain compression, a radical approach was(More)
10 clinically healthy white leghorn males were utilised for this investigation. Apart from toluidine blue-pyronin-stained Araldite sections, uranyl acetate and lead monoxide staining revealed three types of epithelioid cells. Nuclear and cytoplasmic contents, especially three types of granules, conveniently designated as q, r and p granules, are described(More)
The histotopography of the silvery-white glistening carotid body and the branchial derivates in the cranial thoracic inlets as well as the histocytology of the particular organ were revealed by various microtechniques. Three types of randomly distributed epithelioid cells, many capillaries, and small and large sinuses are observable. Myelinated fibres are(More)
The vascularization of the primary somaesthetic cortex of the albino rat was studied by snap-fixing of the vessels with a constant infusion of glutaraldehyde through the left ventricle of the heart, followed by injection of a resin under a constant pressure and flow rate directly into the aorta. The vibrissae on one side were stimulated both before and(More)
A study of the microvasculature of the omentum using corrosion casts was undertaken. The object was to supply information regarding the morphology of the three-dimensional structure of the microvasculature, information which may be valuable in understanding the functions of the omentum. Corrosion casts of rat omenta were prepared and studied. Characteristic(More)
The concentrations of phenytoin (DPH) in the CNS of adult dogs given the drug by IV injection, continuous IV infusion, or repeated daily oral administration and of newborn pups given DPH by IV injection were consistently proportional to serum concentrations of the drug at the time of blood sample collections. Adult dogs injected IV with [14C]DPH failed to(More)
An artificial respirator was used to ensure successful and precise artificial respiration in short and long term experiments during radical exposure of the caudal cervical region and thoracic cavity to investigate cytological changes in the carotid body of mature chickens (Gallus domesticus). Modification of the respirator to stabilize gas flow, temperature(More)