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This paper proposes a new method for sliding mode control of systems with mismatched uncertainties. The proposed method employs a multiple sliding surface (MSS) approach combined with inertial delay control (IDC) for estimating unmatched disturbances. It has the advantage of tackling constant as well as time-variant and state dependent(More)
This paper proposes the design and implementation of model following sliding mode control strategy based on an inertial delay observer. This observer estimates the states as well as the uncertainties and disturbances in an integrated manner. It is shown that when modeling uncertainties and disturbances are present in the system, it gives better results(More)
This paper is concerned with the improvement of ride comfort and road holding of heavy duty vehicles. Skyhook model is realised for active suspension system. Skyhook control restricts the movement of sprung mass which enhances ride comfort. An inertial delay control (IDC) is employed to improve the performance of the system. IDC is used to estimate the(More)
A design method for controlling the attitude of a fixed wing aircraft in the presence of uncertainties is proposed in the Multiple Sliding Surface framework. Inertial Delay Controller is integrated with Multiple Sliding surface Controller to increase the performance of system by estimating the uncertainties that are present in the system.
This paper is concerned with the improvement of vehicle stability during braking. A disturbance observer (DO) in conjunction with sliding mode control (SMC) has been proposed for anti-lock braking system (ABS). DO is used to estimate and compensate the effect of uncertainty and disturbance from the system. The SMC provides robust control for the nonlinear(More)
This paper is concerned about the wheel slip measurement of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). The wheel slip must follow the desired wheel slip; for this purpose multiple sliding surface controller (MSSC) based on disturbance observer (DO) is used. DO is integrated with sliding mode controller (SMC) to strengthen the overall performance of the system by(More)