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—A robust control strategy for design of robust model following sliding mode load frequency controller for single area power system based on uncertainty and disturbance estimator (UDE) has been presented where simple first order lowpass filter is used. The control strategy for elimination of reaching phase uses Ackermann's formula and UDE for the estimation(More)
Index Terms—sliding mode control, uncertainty and disturbance estimation, flexible joint. Abstract—This paper proposes sliding mode control based on uncertainty and disturbance estimator (UDE), for trajectory tracking control of flexible joint robotic system. UDE is used to estimate plant uncertainty and disturbances. The controller does not requires(More)
This paper relates generally to sliding mode control (SMC) system based on uncertainty and disturbance estimation (UDE) and more particularly to a system, with the presence of high frequency measurement noise and unmodeled dynamics. Higher order dynamics are difficult to identify and remain excluded from theoretical model of the system, generally the main(More)
I. INTRODUCTION With only the classical Proportional Integral plus Derivative (PID) controller applied to control of a DC motor, a good performance characteristic of the controller can be obtained, if all the model parameters of DC motor and operating conditions such as external load torque, disturbance etc. are exactly known. However, in case when some of(More)
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