P. D. S. Irwin

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An interview questionnaire was developed to assess quality of life both in objective and subjective terms in cancer patients. Standardized measures were employed and allowed for comparison with a national baseline. Three hundred thirty-nine patients who were alive without evidence of disease 3 or more years following initial treatment were interviewed.(More)
Alcoholic inpatients evaluated the level of empathy demonstrated by a purported alcoholism counselor. Forty-two detoxified subjects viewed a 15-min videotape of a simulated alcoholism counseling session. Subjects had been randomly assigned to one of two groups: Group 1 was told that the counselor they were about to see was a recovering alcoholic whose(More)
Aminoglycosides often are employed for empiric therapy of nosocomial infection because of their activity against a wide spectrum of gram-negative aerobic bacilli (GNAB). New beta-lactam antimicrobials also are active against many GNAB. As toxicity appears less likely for the beta-lactams than for aminoglycosides, their use might be preferable if(More)
Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), a large-scale operational screening program which has generated a tremendous volume of data on the sociodemographic characteristics and health status of Medicaid-eligible children, seems to provide an ideal context within which to evaluate the effectiveness of preventive child health care.(More)
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