P D Peters

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Rabbits were injected with soluble gold, and cold injury was inflicted upon their extraocular muscles. Following the typical freeze-thaw damage in which the myofiber basement membrane is preserved, a polymorphonuclear granulocyte exudation occurred. At this stage only a few interstitial cells with long processes contained gold. At one and two days abundant(More)
X-ray microanalysis of frozen-hydrated tissue sections permits direct quantitative analysis of diffusible elements in defined cellular compartments. Because the sections are hydrated, elemental concentrations can be defined as wet-weight mass fractions. Use of these techniques should also permit determination of water fraction in cellular compartments.(More)
New specimen handling and analytic techniques for the application of x-ray microanalysis to studies of cell and organ biology have been recently described (Saubermann et al., 1981, J. Cell Biol. 88:257-267). Based on these techniques, absolute quantitative standardization has been established through x-ray analysis of frozen-hydrated and then dried sections(More)
Sites with high calcium affinity in Paramecium aurelia were identified by high calcium (5 mM) fixation and electron microscope methods. Electron-opaque deposits were observed on the cytoplasmic side of surface membranes, particularly at the basal regions of cilia and trichocyst-pellicle fusion sites. Deposits were also observed on some smooth cytomembranes,(More)
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