P. D. Jones

J. E. Castro3
T. E. Sadler2
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This paper describes the development of a weather generator for use in climate impact assessments of agricultural and water system management. The generator produces internally consistent series of meteorological variables including: rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind, sunshine , as well as derivation of potential evapotranspiration. The system produces(More)
In mice, i.v. C. parvum induces intravascular coagulation. This is a prolonged reaction lasting up to 7 days. It results in thrombosis in hepatic vessels with consequent hepatic necrosis, and thrombosis in pulmonary and splenic vessels. This may be important in the assessment of the tumour-inhibitory activity of C. parvum.
The effects of the host's immune response on metastatic spread was investigated by observing the numbers of pulmonary metastases that developed from an s.c. implant of the Lewis lung carcinoma in C57BL mice in which different cell populations had been suppressed. Macrophage function was impaired by treatment with silica (Si), cortisone acetate (CA), or(More)
The level of peripheral blood platelets was determined after i.v. injection of Corynebacterium parvum in normal C57BL mice and in those bearing the Lewis lung carcinoma. Twenty minutes after injection of a formalin-killed active strain (CN6134, (CN6134, which inhibited tumour metastases) or a killed inactive strain (CN 5888, which did not inhibit(More)
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