P. D'Aprile

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We report a 13-year-old girl with leukaemia and Wernicke's encephalopathy induced by total parenteral nutrition. MRI showed unusual bilateral lesions of the caudate nuclei and cerebral cortex, as well as typical lesions surrounding the third ventricle and aqueduct. After intravenous thiamine, the patient improved, and the abnormalities on MRI disappeared.
This paper reports a traffic engineering (TE) strategy that is able to handle several GMPLS classes of services dynamically. Based on the extension of the hybrid TE strategy previously introduced by the authors, in the present paper dynamic managing of more classes of services is addressed and related performance analysis is reported. The main results show(More)
We evaluated the potential of MR sequences with Fat Saturation and gadolinium in patients with degenerative disease of the lumbar spine and low back pain, by studying both anterior and posterior elements of the lumbar spine. We examined 3323 patients (age range 15-78 years) presenting low back pain. We used T2-weighted sequences with Fat Saturation and in(More)
We examined 21 patients with ischemic cerebrovascular disease using magnetic resonance angiography and transcranial Doppler. In 17 patients (81%), the results obtained by the two methods were concordant. In our opinion, the associated use of transcranial Doppler and magnetic resonance angiography provides an accurate diagnostic evaluation of ischemic stroke(More)
A 77 year old woman was hospitalized one hour after the onset of right hemiplegia and aphasia. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination was negative and MRA indicated occlusion of the left middle cerebral artery. Treatment with streptokinase was instituted (a 60 minute intravenous infusion of 1.5 MU of streptokinase in 100 ml of saline solution). Two(More)