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β-Adrenoceptors were identified and characterized by [3H]dihydroalprenolol ([3H]DHA) binding experiments in muscle membrane preparations from piglets. The [3H]DHA binding was rapid, reversible and stereoselective. Catecholamines competed for specific binding with a rank order of potency (-)-isopropylnoradrenaline > (-)-epinephrine » (-)-norepinephrine,(More)
A morphometric method was applied to evaluate the EMS (extramyofibrillar space) in cross-sections of the musculus adductor as a parameter for the grading of the myofibrillar hypoplasia in splayleg piglets. Although there was a great variability between the individual piglets for the EMS values, a highly significant difference between normal and splayleg(More)
A neonatal congenital tremor (CT) syndrome that sporadically occurs in Belgian piglets is described. The results of an epidemiologic follow-up survey on affected farms is presented. Experimental trials to provoke this syndrome by inoculation of a brain suspension, derived from CT-piglets, in pregnant sows by intramuscular and intrauterine way, partly(More)
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