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Quadricuspid aortic valve is a rare cause of aortic insufficiency. We report two unusual cases of this valvular pathology associated with a dilatation of the aortic root. The mechanism leading to this valve incompetence is incompletely understood and is discussed in regard to these cases.
OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken to determine the effect of a standardized meal on the ischemic threshold and exercise capacity in a series of 20 patients with stable angina, exercise-induced ischemia and reversible exercise-induced perfusion defects. BACKGROUND It is generally accepted that exercise tolerance in patients with angina is reduced after(More)
leaving behind him an enviable memory. We should do wrong to allow this sad event to pass without paying, in all sincerity and solemnity, the tribute due to one whose character was marked bv all that could command kindly regard and respect. Dr. Coiles entered the Indian Medical Service on the 27th of .Tanuarv. 1858. He died at Dinapoi ?e on the 8th of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to compare a low level and a symptom-limited test performed before hospital discharge after an uncomplicated myocardial infarction. BACKGROUND Exercise testing after myocardial infarction provides useful prognostic information. Usually either a low level test is performed before hospital discharge or a symptom-limited(More)
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