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Bovine papillomavirus E1 protein was found to be as efficient as the simian virus 40 large T antigen in initiating DNA synthesis in a cell-free system derived from COS1 cells. Multiple rounds of DNA synthesis occur, initiated at the bovine papillomavirus type 1 origin. Therefore, E1 functions in vitro as a lytic virus initiator.
Nucleotide sequencing has revealed a common genetic organization for three papillomaviruses: BPV-1 (bovine papillomavirus type 1), HPV-1 (human papillomavirus type 1a) and HPV-6 (human papillomavirus type 6b). Several open reading frames, corresponding to as yet uncharacterized proteins, were observed in these genomes in the region that is required for(More)
Tumour-specific antigens (TSA; ref. 1) have been exploited in the diagnosis and imaging of human cancer and anti-TSA antibodies have therapeutic potential. Vaccination with TSA or anti-idiotypic (TSA) antibodies has also been used to control tumour growth in model systems. An effective immune response nevertheless demands copresentation of antigen with host(More)
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