P. Chenna Reddy

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The amount of traffic generated by RTAs has increased substantially over the years. RTA will face congestion where there is any form of bottleneck restricting traffic. This will result in packet loss or delayed traffic which is unacceptable for RTAs. Therefore it is desirable for RTAs to implement congestion control mechanism to improve the stability of(More)
Ad hoc wireless multi-hop networks (AHWMNs) are communication networks that consist of wireless nodes, placed together in an ad hoc manner, i.e. with minimal prior planning. All nodes in the network have routing capabilities and forward data packets for other nodes in multi-hop fashion. AHWMNs pose substantially different challenges to routing protocols(More)
This paper presents an imagewatermarking technique which exploits the human visual system (HVS), two artificial intelligence techniques [fuzzy inference system (FIS) and back propagation neural networks (BPNN)], and discrete cosine transform. The integration of FIS and BPNN results in a hybrid intelligence technique named neuro-fuzzy system, which combines(More)
Watermarking, which belong to information hiding field, has seen a lot of research interest recently. Digital watermarking is a technique providing embedded copyright information in images. It is used for content protection, copyright management, content authentication and tamper detection. Digital watermarking algorithms were proposed using spatial domain(More)
This paper presents a robust and blind watermarking scheme for copyright protection of images in discrete wavelet transform domain based on the support vector machines (SVMs). This scheme is based on the relation between the coefficients in various sub bands in discrete wavelet transform decomposition. The proposed scheme is very secured and robust to(More)
Least Significant Bit (LSB) Steganography is a method for hidden information in such a way that can only be detected by its intended recipient. Steganography in Digital media becomes a challenging discipline, since the Human Auditory System (HAS) is highly sensitive. One of the main obstacles of the number of files hiding in Digital media is to develop a(More)
Internet has become everyday utility. Internet is ubiquitous. All the devices including household devices are connected to the Internet. Layer approach is used for the design of Internet. Layered approach is robust but is designed for wired networks. Cross-layer approach is examined extensively in mobile networks because of the layered approach inability to(More)
Feature extraction and classification based digital water marking is new area of research in current privacy protection and copyright technique. In this area of research various authors used feature extraction technique such as wavelet transform function and for classification purpose used support vector machine. in the process of feature based water(More)