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A telescope to be installed on the lunar surface in the near future must work in a cold and dusty vacuum environment for long periods without on site human maintenance. To track stars, the drive mechanism must be capable of exceedingly fine steps and repeatability. Further, the use of lightweight telescopes for obvious economic benefits burdens the(More)
It is the first time to disclose that the similar interference from adjacent wordlines as found in floating-gate flash memory also exists in nitride-based flash memory. For sub-60nm nitride-based flash technologies, this interference effect cannot be ignored any more and should be well taken into consideration when defining the operation window of the(More)
With the raise of high-speed train's speed, traction power gradually increases. The number of controlling and communication equipment are also increased. So, electromagnetic environment in the carriage become worse. It is a big threat for the train and passengers' safety. In this paper, based on the theory of electromagnetic field, a three-dimensional(More)
Communication, often conducted in the form of meeting, is critical to the success of collaboration in project-based and human-intensive business activities. This paper reviews current literature in the areas of group and organizational communication and argues the need of (1) a holistic perspective in planning and organizing project-based group(More)
A new program disturb in a buried diffusion bit-line SONOS array is observed as a bit-line width is reduced. A multi-step Monte Carlo simulation is performed to explore the disturb mechanism. We find that the Vt shift of a disturbed cell is attributed to impact ionization-generated secondary electrons in a neighboring cell when it is in programming. The(More)
InGaN metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors (MSM-PDs) with recessed electrodes were fabricated. Compared with the conventional planar MSM-PD, it was found that measured photocurrent and photocurrent-to-dark-current contrast ratio were both much larger for the MSM-PD with the recessed electrodes. With a 5-V applied bias and an incident light wavelength of(More)
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