P. Charles Goebel

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Vision, as a key perceptional capability for cognitive systems relates to rather difficult problems -such as visual object recognition, representation, categorization, and scene understanding. State-of-the-art solutions, using object appearance based models, already reached certain maturity. They achieve excellent recognition performance and provide(More)
Dental panoramic X-ray images are images having complex content, because several layers of tissue, bone, fat, etc. are superimposed. Nonuniform illumination, stemming from the X-ray source, gives extra modulation to the image, which causes spatially varying X-ray photon density. The interaction of the X-ray photons with the density of matter causes(More)
This study examined the impact of financial, cultural, and family variables on the incidence of behavioral and emotional problems in a group of two- and three-year-old Latino children. The vulnerability of these children to mental health problems stems from the many challenges faced by their families, especially those associated with acculturation and(More)
In most forested landscapes, the organization of plant communities across stream valleys is thought to be regulated by a complex set of interactions including flooding, landform properties, and vegetation. However, few studies have directly examined the relative influence of frequent and infrequent flooding, as well as landform properties, on riparian plant(More)
Fire-adapted forests of the Lake States region are poorly studied relative to those of the western and southeastern United States and our knowledge base of regional short-and long-term fire effects on soils is limited. We compiled and assessed the body of literature addressing fire effects on soils in Lake States forests to facilitate the re-measurement of(More)
  • P Goebel
  • 1991
The term creativity is defined, and the underlying creative process is described. The creative process is developed with the help of the new metaphors. The two most successful and creative from over 130 entrepreneurs involved in a research project are taken as examples. The essentials of the creative process the inexhaustible process of the phantasy(More)
  • P Goebel
  • 1988
All men undergoing reversal after vasectomy between 1984 and 1986 at the Steglitz clinic at the Free University of Berlin were given a deep psychological examination consisting of a history and interview and administration of the Giessen self image and partner image tests and the Giessen worry questionnaire. In 30 of the 40 cases 1 or more of the following(More)
In the USA voluntary male sterilization is wide-spread since years. In the Federal Republic of Germany the frequency of demanding vasectomy is increasing. All who are involved have to assure whether the request for vasectomy bases upon a mature or a neurotic decision which might be regretted one day. The research is based on the hypothesis that the decision(More)
  • P Goebel
  • 1986
Taking Jones' work--A Theory of Symbolism as a Basis--it is attempted to elaborate on the basic underlying hypotheses of his symbol concept and to show the partiality of his metaphor concept. Prominence is given the concepts of similarity, identification and structure of experience. The insufficient definition of the metaphor complicates, the understanding(More)
  • P Goebel
  • 1984
We described in a former study (Volume 3, 1982) the cases of 228 abortion patients, their psychosocial data and the conflicts from which the unwanted pregnancies, which are interrupted, arise. A follow-up study took place 18 to 24 months after the abortion. The crucial point of the follow-up investigation was the development of the relationship, newly(More)