P. Chandrasekar

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Computer-based simulation and visualization tools had helped to evaluate new algorithms for incident detection and strategies for incident management. Applications of such tools enable users to evaluate solutions faster than real-time. However, it seems that there is still scope to better investigate situations like traffic incidents and study their(More)
Parallel traffic simulation is an application of parallel computing techniques aiming to decrease the computational time by engaging different processors of a multiprocessor system or different computers of a network. Very few traffic simulation models have this capability of parallel simulation. However, it is possible to upgrade a simulation program that(More)
Sentiment Analysis, also known as Opinion Mining, plays a vital role in social media analytics, call center data etc. There are many existing algorithms and methods to approachSentiment Analysis. Though these algorithms produce reasonable results, they fail to give near optimal (close to 100%) results. This paper aims to obtain maximum accuracy in Sentiment(More)
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