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Dopaminergic neurons express both GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptors and GABAergic inputs play a significant role in the afferent modulation of these neurons. Electrical stimulation of GABAergic pathways originating in neostriatum, globus pallidus or substantia nigra pars reticulata produces inhibition of dopaminergic neurons in vivo. Despite a number of prior(More)
Dopaminergic neurons in vivo fire spontaneously in three distinct patterns or modes. It has previously been shown that the firing pattern of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons can be differentially modulated by local application of GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptor antagonists. The GABA(A) antagonists, bicuculline or picrotoxin, greatly increase burst firing(More)
Previous studies have reported a neuromodulatory effect of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) on serotonin neurons in the central nervous system. In the present study, we examined the effects of local infusion of BDNF on the electrophysiological activity of serotonergic neurons in the rat dorsal raphé nucleus with extracellular single unit recording(More)
We consider the problem of minimizing autonomous, simple integrals like (P) min T 0 f x(t) , x (t) dt : x ∈ AC([0 , T ]) with x(0) = x0 and x(T) = xT where f : R×R → [0 , ∞] is a possibly nonconvex function with either superlinear or slow growth at infinity. Assuming that the relaxed problem (P * *) obtained from (P) by replacing f with its convex envelope(More)
Hyperglycemia and oxidative stress are conditions directly related to the metabolic syndrome (MetS), whose prevalence is increasing worldwide. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a new weight-loss dietary pattern on improving the oxidative stress status on patients suffering MetS with hyperglycemia. Seventy-nine volunteers were randomly(More)
High meat-product consumption has been related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, previous results suggest the benefits of consuming improved fat meat products on lipoprotein-cholesterol and anthropometric measurements. Present study aims to assess the effect of consuming different Pâté and Frankfurter formulations on emergent CVD biomarkers in male(More)