P. Carpenter

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Light therapy is a recognized treatment for sleep phase disorders in the general population. Exposure to natural light can be a powerful means of correcting people's sleep/wake pattern. Although sleep problems in the learning-disabled population are common, research is limited. Light therapy has not to our knowledge been studied in this population. We(More)
John Haslam's description of James Tilly Matthews is the earliest clear description of schizophrenia in British psychiatric writing. Matthew's life and symptomatology are described. The reasons why there are few unambiguous contemporary accounts of schizophrenia are explored. Schizophrenia was probably first described in Britain during the Georgian period(More)
  • Korotev R L Zeigler, R A Irving, A J Bunch, Isaacson P J Liu, Y Patchen, A Pieters +30 others
  • 2009
We report results of compositional analyses of 16 new lunar meteorite stones for which names have been approved since our report of last year and speculate about pairing relationships on the basis of composition and preliminary petrographic data. Lunar meteorites are a valuable opportunity to expand our lunar sample library. We have conducted preliminary(More)
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