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Biochemical analyses following subcellular fractionation of rat liver indicated that the outer mitochondrial membrane contains a number of membrane-specific proteins of which a 35-kilodalton species (OMM-35) is a prominent component. These results were confirmed and extended by electron microscope immunocytochemical tests based on the protein A-gold(More)
A simple and rapid procedure is described for purification of carbamyl phosphate synthetase from the matrix fraction of rat liver mitochondria. Antibodies to the enzyme were raised in sheep and purified from antiserum by affinity chromatography on enzyme-bound Sepharose columns. When membrane-free polyribosomes, isolated from a cytosolic fraction of rat(More)
Over the past fifteen years, the Canadian population has undergone increasing cultural diversification. Many researchers have investigated the role of culture with respect to social and health services. Most studies confirm the fact that increased cultural diversification related to immigration challenges the public health system in many ways. Certain(More)
The Canadian health care system serves an increasingly ethnically diverse clientele, especially in major urban centres. Sustained inflows of immigrants demand that social and health care services partially revise their mission to help these newcomers maintain their health following arrival in Canada, since their health generally tends to deteriorate over(More)
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