P. Cano Marchal

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Subjects scanned line drawings of polygons in order to count the number of corners. The positions their eyes fixated were studied as a function of the size of the angle and whether the apex of the angle was present or absent. The results showed that the eyes tended to land at a position near the centre of gravity of the corner configurations. The observed(More)
The analysis of the quality of a virgin olive oil involves the determination of a series of chemical indexes and organoleptic characteristics. In this work we propose an online prediction model for three chemical indexes: acidity, peroxide index and humidity content, based on an hyperspectral artificial vision system. Two methods have been developed for the(More)
The main hallmark of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is excessive inflammation leading to interstitial tissue fibrosis. It has been recently reported that NOV/CCN3 could be involved in kidney damage but its role in the progression of nephropathies is poorly known. NOV/CCN3 is a secreted multifunctional protein belonging to the CCN family involved in different(More)
PURPOSE; To assess metamorphopsia in patients with epimacular membrane, using a SLO. METHOD& A SLO wa.s used to project I7 spots on the retina. A first spot considered as a reference appears at a constant place above a central flickering spot. The task consists in moving 15 other spots, appearing one after the other, in order to draw two regular squares as(More)
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