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A computer-generated model of the structural arrangement of the complete 9+2 ciliary axoneme of Tetrahymena at macromolecular resolution (4 nm) is presented. The model reconciles detailed information about subcomponents from negative-stained, thin-section and freeze-fracture electron micrographs, integrating the images into a consistent three-dimensional(More)
Living Crithidia oncopelti cells swim through their environment by means of tip-to-base waves on their single flagellum. The cells are able to re-orient themselves by using a short burst of asymmetrical base-to-tip waves. All points on a flagellum are capable of initiating waves. Placing a population of cells in a medium of high viscosity initially produces(More)
The elimination of cross-contamination from operatory to laboratory is required for effective infection control. This study determined whether microbial cross-contamination occurs during cleaning of dental prostheses with an ultrasonicator and examined ways to reduce or eliminate the contamination that might occur. The antimicrobial activities of a(More)
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