P. C. Mishra

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Reaction of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) with imidazole (Im) taken as a model for the 5-membered ring of guanine, leading to the products 2-chloro- and 2-oxo-imidazoles was investigated at the B3LYP/6-31+G* and B3LYP/AUG-cc-pVDZ levels of density functional theory. For all cases, single point energy calculations were performed at the MP2/AUG-cc-pVDZ level of(More)
Reactions of peroxynitrite with guanine were investigated using density functional theory (B3LYP) employing 6-31G** and AUG-cc-pVDZ basis sets. Single point energy calculations were performed at the MP2/AUG-cc-pVDZ level. Genuineness of the calculated transition states (TS) was tested by visually examining the vibrational modes corresponding to the(More)
Adiabatic electron affinities (AEA) and structural perturbations due to addition of an excess electron to each of the neutral guanine-cytosine (G-C), adenine-thymine (A-T), and hypoxanthine-cytosine (HX-C) base pairs were studied using the self-consistent charge, density functional tight-binding (SCC-DFTB-D) method, augmented by the empirical London(More)
Geometries of clusters of water molecules (W(n)) and those of the LiF-W(n) (n = 1-9) complexes were optimized using the B3LYP/6-31+G** method. Geometries of the complexes up to n = 7 were also optimized using the MP2/6-31+G** approach. Only one structure of each of W(n), n = 1-5 was considered to generate the complexes with LiF while two structures, one of(More)
Molecular geometries of two structural forms of 2'-deoxyguanosine (keto-N9R and keto-N7R, R = the sugar moiety) considering both the C2'-endo and C3'-endo conformations of the sugar ring and those of the complexes of these species with two water molecules each were optimized employing the ab initio RHF procedure. A mixed basis set consisting of the 6-311+G*(More)
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