P. C. Herghelegiu

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Biopsies involve taking samples from living tissue using a biopsy needle. In current clinical practice they are a first mandatory step before any further medical actions are planned. Performing a biopsy on a deep seated brain tumor requires considerable time for establishing and validating the desired biopsy needle pathway to avoid damage. In this paper, we(More)
The objective of semantic segmentation in microscopic images is to extract the cellular, nuclear or tissue components. This problem is challenging due to the large variations of features of these components (size, shape, orientation or texture). In this paper we present an overview of the proposed segmentation techniques for microscopic images. This is not(More)
This work presents the design aspects of TRAVEE, a neuromotor rehabilitation system. The TRAVEE system relies on innovative concepts for improving the rehabilitation process and increasing the patient recovery rate. One such concept is to present the patient an augmented feedback as part of a learning process based on neuroplasticity. Most of the(More)
Accurate medical diagnosis based on images acquired with various medical imaging techniques commonly requires multiple images inspection. These images can be obtained using the same scanning technique but with different scanning parameters. Alternatively, the physicians can use images obtained with different scanning equipments. The visualization of(More)
The research on assisting visually impaired people to navigate in unknown environments commonly employs image processing or computer vision techniques. One key element that needs to be identified in the surrounding environment of a blind user is the ground plane. Its accurate detection is highly important because the user is able to move freely in that(More)
Object detection represents an important task in various application fields, such as automotive or assistive technologies. In this context stereo cameras are among the most common devices used for acquiring images and information from the environment. Efficient processing of the disparity maps computed from stereo images represents a crucial step in(More)
Minimally invasive surgical procedures like biopsies require the insertion of a needle to reach a specific tissue from where samples are taken. This process is affected by a number of errors that can lead to a different needle pathway than originally planned. In the case of brain-tumor biopsies, these errors can be caused by the brain shifting when the(More)
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