P C Frandsen

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Essential differences are demonstrated between bilirubin binding to rat serum proteins and to albumin in human serum. Acidimetric titration of rat serum with and without added bilirubin shows that binding of bilirubin acid in the range of pH from 6.8 to 8.8 takes place with release of less than one hydrogen ion per molecule of bound bilirubin. With human(More)
Postoperative hypothermia initiates an increased oxygen demand in the postoperative period and may endanger patients with restricted cardiopulmonary reserves. In order to compare net heat losses and gains, we studied 28 women undergoing hip fracture surgery, using either general anaesthesia or spinal analgesia. The superficial and central temperatures were(More)
Light-absorption, c.d. and fluorescence of the bilirubin-albumin complex were investigated at extreme alkaline pH. Above pH 11.1 albumin binds the bilirubin molecule, twisted oppositely to the configuration at more neutral pH. On the basis of light-absorption it is shown that two alkaline transitions occur. The first alkaline transition takes place at pH(More)
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