P. C. F. Lima Gomes

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The degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was investigated under fermentative-methanogenic conditions for up to 60 days in the presence of anaerobic biomass from a full-scale UASB reactor. The low methane yields in the PCBs-spiked batch reactors suggested that the biomass had an inhibitory effect on the methanogenic community. Reactors containing(More)
but the transfer function is not totally flat, like in the simulations. The reason of this difference between simulations and measurements is caused by the imperfections of the OSSB filter. After the experiments of the OSSB modulation, the effect of the mode filter is measured as well. The SMF patchcord theoretically filters off every mode groups except(More)
We studied the vegetation of two crystalline rock outcrops in the Atlantic Forest of northeastern Brazil. We recorded typically rupicolous species, which are rare or classified as extremely endangered, such as Aechmea guainumbiorum, found exclusively in one of the study sites. In both areas there was a predominance of therophytes over other life-forms, in(More)
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