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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to establish and validate a practical method to disperse nanoparticles in physiological solutions for biological in vitro and in vivo studies. RESULTS TiO2 (rutile) dispersions were prepared in distilled water, PBS, or RPMI 1640 cell culture medium. Different ultrasound energies, various dispersion stabilizers (human,(More)
Endothelial barrier dysfunction is a hallmark of many severe pathologies, including sepsis or atherosclerosis. The cardiovascular hormone atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) has increasingly been suggested to counteract endothelial leakage. Surprisingly, the precise in vivo relevance of these observations has never been evaluated. Thus, we aimed to clarify(More)
OBJECTIVE Although the chemokines monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (Ccl2/JE/MCP-1) and macrophage inflammatory protein-1alpha (Ccl3/MIP-1alpha) have recently been implicated in neutrophil migration, the underlying mechanisms remain largely unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS Stimulation of the mouse cremaster muscle with Ccl2/JE/MCP-1 or Ccl3/MIP-1alpha(More)
Directional migration of transmigrated leukocytes to the site of injury is a central event in the inflammatory response. Here, we present an in vivo chemotaxis assay enabling the visualization and quantitative analysis of subtype-specific directional motility and polarization of leukocytes in their natural 3D microenvironment. Our technique comprises the(More)
1 The concept City Montessori School, Lucknow (CMS), has been a pioneer in introducing and institutionalising the concept of Quality Control Circles in Education. The credit goes to its founder manager, Mr. Jagdish Gandhi. It was during his visit to Japan in 1992 that Mr. Gandhi first became aware of Quality Control Circles (QCC) and how Prof. Ishikawa(More)
Although stream-dwelling gudgeons (Cyprinidae, genus: Gobio) are widespread in Central Europe, the taxonomy of this group and the distribution of its species are still unexplored in detail. The aims of our study are to ascertain taxonomic composition and distribution of the former Gobio gobio superspecies in the inner area of the Carpathian Basin. Since the(More)
Flooding is an environmental stress that can affect crops at any stage, seriously affecting crop establishment leading to severe yield losses. The study was undertaken to understand the response of age of seedlings and nitrogen application on submergence tolerance of rice with Sub1 and non-Sub1 cultivars. This study assesses growth after recovery and(More)
As part of the effort to create a high resolution representative sequence database of the medieval Hungarian conquerors we have resequenced the entire mtDNA genome of 24 published ancient samples with Next Generation Sequencing, whose haplotypes had been previously determined with traditional PCR based methods. We show that PCR based methods are prone to(More)
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