P. C. Anitha

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The dynamic behavior of systems is best described by Finite-state machines. Generation of executable tests from behavioral models such as UML Statecharts offers benefits such as systematic testing and test adequacy. We choose UML Statechart models of behavior as the basis for test generation. This paper attempts to lay a new foundation for UML Statechart(More)
  • A R Britto Pradeep, N Dhinakaran, P Anitha, Christy Angelin
  • 2011
In a network, the most common transport protocol is the Transmission Control Protocol. The Transmission Control Protocol comes in many variants like TCP, Tahoe, Reno, NewReno, Vegas, STCP and so on. Each of these variants would work differently in different networks according to the parameters of that network. On the other hand, there are mainly four common(More)
Product development processes and best practices have come a long way in the last decade through continuous evolutions of new lifecycle and process models. Development models such as the waterfall model, spiral model, rational unified process, agile and many others have looked at efficiency of the development processes. These approaches have helped(More)
  • Ashly Thomas, N Dhinakaran, P Anitha, Christy Angelin
  • 2011
The most major requirements of wireless networks in the current network context are security, scalability and memory efficiency. Most of the earlier implementations use cryptographic key exchanges alone for imposing security but mostly proved to be less secure with the presence of many attacks like IP-spoofing and masquerading. This is because, the security(More)
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