P. C. A. Jacobs

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To assess the possible association between aberrant recombination and XY chromosome nondisjunction, we compared pseudoautosomal region recombination rates in male meiosis resulting in 47,XXY offspring with those resulting in 46,XY and 46,XX offspring. Forty-one paternally derived 47,XXYs and their parents were tested at six polymorphic loci spanning the(More)
We measured muscle strength, joint motion, and gait parameters and determined the electromyographic activities of the ankle and knee during walking, running, and stair-climbing in two children who had had a tibial rotationplasty for osteosarcoma of the distal end of the femur. Both had marked loss of strength in the plantar flexors on the side of the(More)
We describe the rationale for a new study examining the prognostic value of unrequested findings in diagnostic imaging. The deployment of more advanced imaging modalities in routine care means that such findings are being detected with increasing frequency. However, as the prognostic significance of many types of unrequested findings is unknown, the optimal(More)
Reproductive outcomes and health of offspring were investigated in 340 patients with Hodgkin's disease first treated at Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex, England, at ages under 40 (females) or 45 (males) during 1970-91. Information on offspring was obtained from case-notes and postal questionnaires to the patients. Eleven men and 16 women who had conceived(More)
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