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This report describes new treadmill ergometer designed to measure the vertical and horizontal ground reaction forces produced by the left and right legs during walking. It was validated by static and dynamic tests. Non-linearity was from 0.2% (left vertical force) to 1.4% (right antero-posterior force). The resonance frequency was from 219 (right vertical(More)
We present an architecture for complex affective robots for human-robot interaction. After describing our rationale for using affect as a means of " architectural integration " , we give a quick conceptual example of how affect can play an organizational role in a complex agent and then describe our proposed affective architecture, its functionality and(More)
Paracellular permeability characteristics of the fish gill epithelium are broadly accepted to play a key role in piscine salt and water balance. This is typically associated with differences between gill epithelia of teleost fishes residing in seawater versus those in freshwater. In the former, the gill is 'leaky' to facilitate Na(+) secretion and in the(More)
A primary cultured gill epithelium from the puffer fish Tetraodon nigroviridis was developed to examine the corticosteroid regulation of claudin isoform mRNA abundance in fish gills. Preparations were composed of polygonal epithelial cells exhibiting concentric apical microridges and zonula occludens-1 immunoreactivity along cell margins. No evidence was(More)
Teleost fishes are a large and diverse animal group that represent close to 50% of all described vertebrate species. This review consolidates what is known about the claudin (Cldn) family of tight junction (TJ) proteins in teleosts. Cldns are transmembrane proteins of the vertebrate epithelial/endothelial TJ complex that largely determine TJ permeability.(More)
This paper presents a new computational method of magnetic field in the air created by the known current density distribution in coils or solid conductor. The method consists of decoupling three components of the vector field 0. The method is faster and requires less memory than the classical approach, used in the magnetostatic and magnetodynamic(More)
—The purpose of this paper is to investigate the use of simulation technology for the analysis of wireless propagation channel in medical environments. In this paper, the channel modeling has been carried out by using an effective simulation platform, which combines full-wave Method of Moments and adaptive ray tracing technique. Base on this, the channel(More)
The larvae of the mosquito, Aedes aegypti normally inhabit freshwater (FW) where they face dilution of body fluids by osmotic influx of water. In response, the physiological actions of the anal papillae result in ion uptake while the Malpighian tubules and rectum work in concert to excrete excess water. In an apparent paradox, the anal papillae express(More)
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