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The purpose of this study was to examine whether acute stress exposure would alter the ataxic properties of midazolam or ethanol in rats. Rats were administered either vehicle or FG 7142 (10 mg/kg) and placed back in their home cages, or placed in restraining tubes for 90 min. Three and one-half or 24 h following injection all subjects were then(More)
We present an efficient algorithm for generating a small set of coarse alignments between interacting proteins using meaningful features on their surfaces. The proteins are treated as rigid bodies, but the results are more generally useful as the produced configurations can serve as input to local improvement algorithms that allow for protein flexibility.(More)
Herein, we study the interfaces of a set of 146 transient protein-protein interfaces in order to better understand the principles of their interactions. We define and generate the protein interface using tools from computational geometry and topology and then apply statistical analysis to its residue composition. In addition to counting individual(More)
The main objective of this article is to implement and compare QRS subtraction techniques for intra-cardiac atrial electrograms based on using the surface ECG as a reference. A band-pass filter between 8 and 20 Hz followed by rectification, and then a low-pass filter at 6 Hz are used for QRS detection. QRS subtraction was performed using three different(More)
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, a curated protein database, and dictyBase, the Model Organism Database for Dictyostelium discoideum, have established a collaboration to improve data sharing. One of the major steps in this effort was the 'Dicty annotation marathon', a week-long exercise with 30 annotators aimed at achieving a major increase in the number of D.(More)
Two FP6 initiatives i) HYRESSA, hyperspectral remote sensing in Europe specific support action, and ii) EUFAR, European Facility for Airborne Research in Environmental and Geo-sciences, have joined forces in FP7. The FP7 Integrating Activity EUFAR (including HYRESSA) is now a network of 33 European airborne data providers and experts in airborne(More)
Cdc25 phosphatases are key activators of the eukaryotic cell cycle and compelling anticancer targets because their overexpression has been associated with numerous cancers. However, drug discovery targeting these phosphatases has been hampered by the lack of structural information about how Cdc25s interact with their native protein substrates, the(More)
Research T he majority of intracellular events that affect life-processes are governed by protein-protein interactions. These include, for example, the cellular response to growth factors and hormones via the complex signaling network of protein kinases, phosphatases and G-proteins. We are interested in obtaining a better understanding of protein protein(More)
To determine the effect of relaxation training on the frequency of intake of pro re nata medication for relief of tension and to compare the difference between live and taped instructions of this training 60 patients on PRN minor tranquilizers and sedatives in one nursing unit were studied. Subjects were randomly assigned to three groups: group A, control;(More)