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One approach to robotic grasping is to compute hand configurations, including contact locations, which would maximize a variety of measures of grasp quality. There is evidence that human-guided robotic grasps exhibit orthogonality of the wrist as a key feature. Orthogonality of the hand to the object frame or surfaces is often included in state-of-the art(More)
– 2 – Debris disks and asteroid belts are expected to form around young pulsars due to fallback material from their original supernova explosions. Disk material may migrate inwards and interact with a pulsar's magnetosphere, causing changes in torque and emission. Long term monitoring of PSR J0738−4042 reveals both effects. The pulse shape changes multiple(More)
Siliconomas are rarely found in internal mammary lymph nodes in the context of ruptured, ipsilateral, silicone breast implants. However, they can sometimes cause a diagnostic dilemma, as in the presented case. We discuss the diagnostic pitfalls that can arise from misinterpreting a siliconoma for a metastatic lymph node, review the literature, and suggest(More)
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