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Liver function and its correlation with bilirubin and hepatic enzymes were evaluated in 30 male chronic asymptomatic or oligosymptomatic alcoholics admitted into the psychiatric hospital for detoxification and treatment of alcoholism. Hypoalbuminemia, lowered prothrombin activity, hypotransferrinemia and hypofibrinogenemia were detected in 32%, 32%, 28%,(More)
  • P Borini
  • 2001
Prevalence of "bayonet finger", a semiologic sign of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), was determined in male illicit drug users, admitted in psychiatric hospital. A control group, paired in sex, age and social status, was built from the general population. The sign was observed en 165/345 (47.8%) drug users and 13/50 (26%) controls, the(More)
  • P Borini
  • 1999
The prevalence of Bajonettfinger, a semiologic sign of attention-deficit disorder hyperactivity (ADHD), was determined in male alcoholics and psychotics from a psychiatric hospital. A control group was taken from the hospital staff. The morphologic alteration was observed in 35% of the 200 alcoholics, 45% of the 100 psychotics and 16% of the 50 controls.(More)
Thirteen alcoholic male patients that developed delirium tremens (DT) after admission in a psychiatric hospital for treatment of alcoholism (group I) had their clinical and laboratorial records examined. The laboratory samples were taken during the phase previous at the DT. Data on this group were compared to those of two other groups of alcoholics--26(More)
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