P. Bodier-Houllé

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Biological apatite-crystal formation is a complex process starting with heterogeneous nucleation of inorganic calcium phosphate on an organic extracellular matrix [Cuisinier et al. (1995), J. Cryst. Growth, 156, 443-453]. Further stages of crystal growth are also controlled by the organic matrix and both nucleation and growth processes are under cellular(More)
The development of dentin and of enamel share a common starting locus: the dentinoenamel junction (DEJ). In this study the relationship between enamel and dentin crystals has been investigated in order to highlight the guiding or modulating role of the previously mineralized dentin layer during enamel formation. Observations were made with a high-resolution(More)
The frontier between the enamel organ and the dental papilla, the future dentino-enamel junction, undergoes coordinated modifications. The mineralization of the extracellular matrix starts within the predentine, which is a prerequisite for the formation of the first enamel crystallites in vivo. We investigated the dentino-enamel junction using the embryonic(More)
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