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Advancements in genotyping are rapidly decreasing marker costs and increasing marker density. This opens new possibilities for mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL), in particular by combining linkage disequilibrium information and linkage analysis (LDLA). In this study, we compared different approaches to detect QTL for four traits of agronomical(More)
In this paper we show how SAVS, a tool for visualization and data analysis in space and atmospheric science, can be used to quickly and easily address problems that would previously have been far more laborious to solve. Based on the popular AVS package, SAVS presents the user with an environment tailored specifically for the physical scientist. Thus there(More)
En pratique archéologique, la distinction entre sépultures collectives et sépultures multiples se fonde généralement sur l’analyse des relations physiques entre squelettes et de l’état des connexions articulaires. Cependant, si l’utilité de cette démarche n’est plus à démontrer, elle connait également ses limites, devenant inopérante lorsque la mauvaise(More)
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