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We use direct and stochastic numerical simulations of the magnetohydrodynamic equations to explore the influence of turbulence on the dynamo threshold. In the spirit of the Kraichnan-Kazantsev model, we model the turbulence by a noise, with given amplitude, injection scale, and correlation time. The addition of a stochastic noise to the mean velocity(More)
Relationships between subsurface damage (SSD) depth and peak to valley surface roughness (Rt) have been widely studied and present a major interest for an easy assessment of the SSD depth. We look at the relation between SSD depth and other surface roughness parameters using the Abbott-Firestone curve on a large campaign of grinding tests (with different(More)
Subsurface damages (SSD), which are introduce during grinding process of optical components for high power lasers applications, act as initiator for laser damage and are responsible of the low lifetime of these components. The knowledge of the SSD depth is essential to remove the damaged layer of the optical component during the last finishing step of(More)
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