P Bissila-Mapahou

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(3H)-choline, a precursor for phosphatidylcholine (PC) and sphingomyelin (SM), was injected into rats killed after 4, 24, 48, and 96 hrs. Radioautography carried out on malachite-green/aldehyde-fixed tissues demonstrated that labeled choline was incorporated into cells and further released into the extracellular matrix. In predentin, labeling decreased(More)
In rats fed an essential fatty acid deficient (EFAD) diet, either during pregnancy (DN) or for 4 wk postnatally (ND), the cell density in the central part of the pulp increased about two- and threefold, respectively, of that in rats who had received a conventional diet containing sunflower oil. Cells were especially numerous around capillaries. The cell(More)
Using two histochemical methods, malachite green-aldehyde and iodoplatinate, phospholipids were visualized in the predentine of rat incisors in the spaces located between collagen fibers and in dentine as needle-like structures located along individual or groups of mineralizing collagen fibers. The same staining pattern was seen with phospholipase A2-gold.(More)
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