P. Bernardi

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The behavior of cultured myotubes from chick embryos exposed to microwaves has been experimentally analyzed. Recordings of acetylcholine-induced currents have been obtained via patch-clamp techniques using both cell-attached (single-channel current recording) and whole-cell (total current recording) configurations. During the exposure to low-power(More)
—A full-wave analysis of the scattering parameters of a straight-to-bent microstrip line coupling is performed using a FEM technique. The numerical results, showing the influence played by the geometrical parameters of the structure on the electromagnetic coupling, are then employed to derive an equivalent circuit useful to be employed in CAD tools. A third(More)
In this paper we present a microprocessor-based approach suitable for embedded flash memory testing in a System-on-a-chip (SOC) environment. The main novelty of the approach is the high flexibility, which guarantees easy exploitation of the same architecture to different memory cores. The proposed approach is compatible with the P1500 standard. A case study(More)
A new ionic model of the neuronal-membrane electrical activity has been developed. The proposed model generalizes those usually quoted in the literature, taking into account the significant ionic currents, the temperature dependence of the electrical parameters, and the stochastic synaptic inputs. The model allows us to simulate both the membrane firing(More)
The membrane model of Connor and Stevens was used to calculate the response of a neuron to an injected sinusoidal current. This stimulating current simulates the effects of cell exposure to incident time-harmonic electromagnetic fields. The theoretical results obtained with this model were compared with intracellular recordings carried out during the(More)
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