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The aim of the present study was to propose a model and a method to derive the oxyhemoglobin blood content in the retinal veins and arteries by full spectrum reflectometry measurements in the spectral zone from 430 to 680 nm. We proposed a mathematical equation expressed as a linear combination of two terms S(OHb)(λ) and S(Hb)(λ) representing the normalized(More)
In order to be able to provide valuable data in multiparameter measurement field operations, tiltmeters need to have a noise level better or equal than 10(-9) rad for a period range from a few minutes to a few years and a long term stability ranging from 10(-7) to 10(-8) rad/yr. Tiltmeter measurements should also be as much as possible insensitive to(More)
A new definition of the pointing stability of a laser beam is proposed. It is derived from the superposition integral between the optical field and a misaligned version of itself. This approach permits the characterization of the pointing stability with a single number, while taking into account the intensity and phase features of the beam. This pointing(More)
The combination of glass capillary gas chromatography--mass spectrometry is especially suitable for the recognition of compounds. The use of [3,4-13C]testosterone as internal standard, mass fragmentography and isotope ratio measurement have been applied to the quantitative determination of testosterone in plasma. This paper describes the method, using(More)
Complete analysis of the proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of desoxycorticosterone (DOC) has been made using selective double irradiation, two-dimensional experiments, relaxation rate, and nuclear Overhauser effect measurements in order to specify the structure and conformation of products encountered during the preparation of the specific antigen(More)
This Letter describes a dual-amplitude modulation technique incorporated into a double reflection extrinsic-type fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer to measure periodic, nonperiodic as well as quasi-static displacements. The modulation scheme simultaneously maintains the interference signal pair in quadrature and provides a reference signal for displacements(More)
We point out the importance of intensity-dependent refractive-index effects when measuring transmission or absorption characteristics of gases with high-power TEA CO(2) laser pulses. An example is given showing how self-focusing in low-pressure SF(6) gas severely affected the transmission of a Gaussian beam. This effect increased rapidly with pressure but(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to report on the measured in vivo contribution of soft lenses of various powers to the optics of a piggyback system (PBS). METHODS This prospective, non-dispensing clinical study was conducted on regular wearers of contact lenses who showed regular corneal profiles. Subjects were masked to the products used. The study involved the(More)