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The Authors describe a case of spinal subdural haematoma presenting as a cyst. It ist noted that cerebrospinal fluid parameters were normal, in contrast to what is usually found in similar cases; furthermore, no sensorimotor impairment was seen. Histological examination showed an organised haematoma; that explains why CT scan was not diagnostic in this(More)
The key to the pathogenesis of arthrosis lies in the mechanism responsible for the initial lesions. In this experimental work the possibility of producing arthrosic changes is demonstrated by activating lysosomal chondrocytic enzymes by the intra-articular injection of Vitamin A in rabbits. On the basis of the experimental results the authors discuss the(More)
The authors critically review 135 cases of traumatic injuries of the spine with cord damage (75 cervical, 60 thoracolumbar) treated by posterior osteosynthesis using the Roy-Camille technique at the authors' institution from 1978 to 1989. The follow-up ranged from 6 months to 12 years. In addition to fracture and/or dislocation, most patients had severe(More)
A rare case of primary lymphoma of bone localized in the epistropheus is reported. After emphasizing the difficulty of diagnosis based solely on clinical, radiographic and laboratory data, the authors stress that biopsy is essential to diagnosis. The excellent clinical result, followed up after 5 years, was obtained with surgical excision followed by(More)
Four cases are reported of traumatic myelic lesions to the lower cervical spine (C3-C7) using the Roy-Camille technique. Three were complicated by tetraplegia, the fourth by upper right monoparesis. The optimal application for this technique is in stabilization of predominantly posterior lesions, which are far the most frequent: pure dislocations, fractures(More)
BACKGROUND This report deals with the techniques of peripheral anaesthesia used by the Authors for surgical treatment of lesions of the upper extremity. METHODS Plexus brachial block anaesthesia using a supraclavicular approach was performed for arm, forearm and hand surgery, axillary block anaesthesia for forearm and hand surgery, while block anaesthesia(More)
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